Corporate Programs


Does your office seem a little slow and sluggish?

Do you or any of your coworkers complain of backaches? If so, than Pyramid Chiropractic can help! We can improve productivity by enhancing performance through our corporate wellness programs! All of our corporate wellness programs are tailored to your employees and can be customized to fit your companies needs!

What we can do

  • Help your employees achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle
  • Improve productivity through happier and healthier employees
  • Reduce health related illnesses and health care costs by being proactive instead of reactive to injury
  • Ergonomic evaluation of workstations to improve and protect proper spinal alignment

Contact us today to learn more on how we can help your business function stress and pain free!

Some quick tips on reducing stress

  • Take a deep breath – fill up your lungs and exhale slowly. Now do another.
  • If you notice your creativity or brain power slipping, take a quick break and allow your mind to relax. Doing this can help you to tackle your problem in a new way by taking the time to shift perspectives.
  • Move around. Sitting in one place for too long can be draining. Take a walk outside, enjoy the fresh air and sunlight.